The Science and Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas 研究 for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees” is funded by the VinGroup 和由 VinUniversity. The aim of the scholarship program is to further enhance and develop science and technology in Vietnam. The program allows qualified Vietnamese students to pursue graduate studies in STEM fields at leading universities in the world such as 凯时k66登录首页.

凯时k66登录首页 offers a range of courses suited to the needs of the VinGroup scholarship program. 凯时k66登录首页 is not responsible for the awarding of these scholarships. Check the VinGroup scholarship 网站 for details on  selection process, timelines and contact points.


Scholarship recipients interested in enrolling in a research-classified course at 凯时k66登录首页 will require the support of an academic supervisor. 你应该回顾凯时k66登录首页领域的研究 to help find a possible research area or contact the relevant academic unit. If you are having trouble finding a potential supervisor, submit an 在线查询 to the 凯时k66登录首页研究生研究 Office, who can then direct you to the most appropriate area.

You can view detailed information related to priority areas and courses below:

Priority areas and course/specialisation